Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Just one episode of seeing black spots and tasting blood..." (Bike racing)

It was the 34th edition of the tour de White Rock and after completing 6 days of racing prior, we knew our legs were starting to feel the fatigue. Starting it off with the Hill Climb, we all knew we could do well if we timed it right. With Kristine, Jenny, Megan and myself riding into the top 5 years prior, we new we could give the competition a run/ride for their money and that's exactly what we did. Jenny managed to ride herself into the top 5 which took the weight off the rest of the team. In such a short and painful race it's kind of a relief to not have to ride up that monster twice. Just one episode of seeing black spots and tasting blood at the back of your throat is enough. Lovely right? Go Jenny!
Despite only having one girl in the top 5 we did manage to have 3 in the top 10, so a good representation for TRT women.
The next day was the crit. We managed to get through the hill climb with ease but the crit was a different story. A week of fatigue in the legs was ever so present during this race. Kristine and Megan hung in there to maintain their positions on GC, but that's all she wrote. It was a race of attrition and a test of how long one could ride in the red zone (think of a cartoon thermometer that's ready to blow) zone *smiles*
And finally the road race, one of the hardest races of the week with undulating hills and speedy descents. Like every year the race splits and blows apart right away. It was a suffer fest but Kristine (last years road race winner) showed her strength and put up a good fight finishing 8th, Megan (2nd place finisher last year) also fought hard to snag a 6th place spot, and Sarah pushed through the grueling race into 16th. Over all a great weekend for the girls and a good fight against some stiff competition. We finished the weekend off with a dip in the ocean before making the drive to Bend, Oregon for my first Cascade Classic.

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