Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's alive! It's alive!

I can’t believe I’m writing this blog, if things hadn't turned out, who knows when the next one would be written.
Now, they say accidents happen, but come on! I’d like to know how many people have experienced a similar incident and come out as lucky.

On this particular evening I was sitting at the computer finishing some “work.” And like most evenings I made myself a giant mug of tea with a bit of milk and honey. Not to be fooled, this cup played a staring roll. As well, the table at our place has a thick plastic cover that hangs to the ground and it also played its part.
As I sat down at the computer I decided to cross my legs, and unknowingly that plastic cover was resting in the rim of my boot. As I lifted my leg to cross it, the cover lifted off the table in synchronicity, dumping my hot cup of tea right into the computer. I’m not talking a little spill on the table. My entire punch bowl of tea went into the keyboard and was seeping through the other side. Immediately I unplugged the computer, and you can imagine the profanity spewing out of my mouth. Will hears the commotion and a split second later is shaking the computer out like a mad man. I’m stunned of course, watching the hot liquid ooze out and thinking ‘did I really just demolish our computer?’. Our little messenger to the outside world, a device we relied so heavily upon. I had to tell myself to snap-out-of-it and clean up the sticky mess!
I sat there for about 30 minutes blow-drying the computer, retracing my steps.
After the episode of drying, it was time for bed. Time to forget about it and c’est la vie. Such is life. There was nothing more to do. We went to bed sending out the positive energy, and crossing our fingers.
As you already know, we were lucky little devils.
That day while using the computer, I couldn’t help but visualize scenes from the movie Frankenstein, the one where the scientist yells “It’s alive, it’s alive!”
Good times.

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