Friday, February 11, 2011

Not One Word

It was a windy day, cross head wind on the way out and a cross tail wind on the way back, my favorite. Who doesn't like to get home fast, right? As well, drafting behind a pro man, means I get home even faster!
Today was just another ride, but I wanted to share it because I’m guessing many cyclists can relate and have had similar humorous experiences.
As we were making our way home, we passed another rider, a very common occurrence when you ride every day. And as usual we gave a wave, and kept rolling. Well not exactly, the “passee” kept rolling as well, jumping on to the back of us for a free ride. You’d think a proper hello was in order, but nothing, he just sat on, being a little annoying, kind of like a fly, but no big deal. 10 minutes later we hit a roller and while maintaining our pace “draftee” suddenly rolls past to attack on the hill. Of course, after the effort he was gassed and a minute later we caught him. We pass him once again and like the last time he tags on and still no acknowledgement. So the obvious thing left to do is put it in the gutter, drop him like a bad habit and show him that it’s awfully rude not to say hello. This is all in good fun, and good for a laugh.

The biking world is quite a funny thing. Who makes the rules? And who decides to play by them? It’s unbeknownst to me, and the weirdest thing is, scenarios such as these take place without saying a word. A short window in time, a faceless rider with a lasting impression, and now what comes from it, is a blog. In my opinion if you’re going to get up close and personal in my draft, at least have the courtesy to say hello. Good times.


  1. J'aime ton blog, continue d'écrire, j'aime lire à propos de tes aventures! Enjoy the rides...:)

  2. welcome to the blog world girlfriend.

    i remember one of the first rides when i was super bonked riding home in full on headwind and i drafted some man, and he told me it was rude, i was shooockkked! heh

  3. Oh man, I just had a good laugh, too funny. What a crusty old dude!